Live Channel TV

How to Install Apps for IPTV

Amazon and Android Streaming Devices

These are codes that can be put directly into the ”Downloader” app or the direct links can be clicked if you are on an Android device.

Smarters Pro: – Code: 71534

XC: – Code: 90318

Cinema Premium: – Code: 23428

inVPNsible VPN (purchase through – Code: 87792

To install a Live Channel TV app to your Fire Stick or Android device: 

* Go to Settings->My Fire TV->Developer options and set “Apps from Unknown Sources” to “ON”.
* Go back to the main menu and select the search icon
* Search for “Downloader” and download the app.

*Use the Downloader app to put in the codes listed above.


For Smart TVs, Android devices, or Windows devices (third party app)

Install the app Duplex PLAY.  After it is installed, it will show you a Device ID and a Device key. Go to and then enter in the Device ID and key. Once you do that, then click Add XC Playlist. Name the playlist LCTV, enter your username, password, and then add as the playlist url.  After the 7 day trial, they will charge $2 to use their app for a year.


For Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and Android Phones


Search for the app “IPTV SMARTERS”

Enter your user name and password and in the 3rd box enter (



Search for the app “XTREAM IPTV”

Enter your user name and password and in the 3rd box enter (



Search for the app “GSE IPTV”

To add the playlist, follow the following steps:

  • Open up the app and click on the top left corner
  • Scroll down to “Xtream Codes API”
  • Press “+” at the top left corner
  • Enter your playlist name: LCTV
  • Enter on the next line:
  • URL:
  • Username: (case sensitive)
  • Password: (case sensitive)
  • Press add

For PC or XBox

Installer for the app IPTV Smarters.  

IPTV Smarters_V2.4.exe

Enter any name, your user name, password and in the 4th box enter (